No Return 2019 solo works are now available.

Whether you’re a theatre student or a pro actor, these sharp, funny and heartwarming pieces by Melbourne’s Trans community are worth a read.

Diary of a Privileged Transwoman Down Under by Miss Katalyna

“Putting my hair up in a ponytail or bun is a privilege. I had always dreamt about having a ponytail since I was 16, just to be able to walk out in public with a snatched ponytail.” 

Quantum Gender by Lore Burns

“We are all gender non-conforming in some way; try hard enough to squeeze into that rigid box of the ideal man or woman and you will be compelled to maim part of yourself.” 

Getting Away With Murder by Oliver Ayres

“What is love? Is there really such a thing as a soulmate? Where were you December 7th 1998 at approximately 3:25pm? Who knows!”

The Moon, The Sea, You & Me by Brooke Murray

“Not a collision, not a disaster,
but the lightest touch… The world could rip apart” 

Tales by the Trans community, for the Trans community.

No Return was the emerging writers’ program I dreamed of. As a Trans playwright, I understand that while it can be important to stand out, it is also important to feel sheltered and supported by a community. I feel like No Return struck a beautiful balance between those things.

What’s that line from The Incredibles? “If everyone is special, no-one is.” In that chilly, fairy-lit courtyard of one of my favourite dive bars, everyone on the line-up was Transgender. This allowed for us to dive deeper into gender and, dare I say, transcend our otherness.

It is important to include marginalised folx in art programs in a way that is not tokenistic. We should not have to feel like we are speaking for our entire communities, or only talk about what makes us different from the default, or only be angry. The importance of spaces where Trans and other marginalised creators can simply be free is worth cultivating and protecting.

Brooke Murray, Artistic Director

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