Transmissions: Trailblazers ONLINE

image description: an illustration of a person with blue hair, tattoos and a backpack with their arm around a person with pink hair wearing overalls. both people are looking upwards hopefully at the text above them. the text says transmissions: trailblazers. the word transmissions is written so it looks like clouds, and the word trailblazers looks handwritten.

transmissions: trailblazers

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Life as we know it would not be possible without those who lived and died for the right to exist in the world on their own terms. Through the magic of internet video transmission, five trans and gender diverse artists explore legacy, trailblazing, and the act of bringing hope to our communities.

an online exhibition of video art from the heart

Saturday November 13 – Saturday November 27

CC: Closed Captioning available.