Quantum Gender by Lore Burns


What can sexuality and gender possibly have to do with Quantum Physics? Lore does their best to explain.

On behalf of the artist, Small Wonder asks that you please use discretion when deciding to perform this work.



Lore is a non-binary multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia. They began learning cello and piano at the age of seven and a few years afterwards began composing, igniting a lifelong passion. Following their interest in how music interacts with theatre, Lore studied Production at the Victorian College of the Arts where they also became enamoured with acting as well as using their composing and musical performance skills for the theatre. It was during this time that Lore composed their first musical, “Shining Armour”, featuring nineteen songs of varying styles. Through pursuing acting further, Lore also discovered a keen interest in writing for performance and has to date written and produced several short films, various monologues as well as currently working on their first original full length play.

Lore will receive 100% of the profits from Quantum Gender.

© Lore Burns, 2019